Genetically Artisan

Florence 24th March 2018 Palazzo Vecchio “Salone dei Cinquecento”, the GENETICALLY ARTISAN award ceremony took place. Antonio Ciulli and son were rewarded for having continued the Family activity from generation to generation. Ciulli Valentina, bis granddaughter of the founder of our Company, collected the Ciulli certification. Ciulli Antonella and Ciulli Antonio thank Confartigianato for this umpteenth recognition.

Florence to Look at and Touch

Florence to Look at and Touch, of Roberto Lunardi Commemoration of the Centenary celebration of Renzo Ciulli's birth, Master Florentine Founder (1914 - 2014) Presentation of the book published by Polistampa, FIRENZE DA TOCCARE E DA GUARDARE by Roberto Lunardi with a note of Prof. Carlo Fagnini at the presence Dott. Nicola Armentano (municipality of Florence) and Ezio Giovannetti of Confartigianato Imprese Firenze.

Bronze Oltrarno

Inauguration. Commemoration of the centenary celebration of Renzo Ciulli, master Florentine founder ( 1914-2014) A PRECIOUS GIFT In commemoration of the centenary celebration of Renzo Ciulli, master Florentine founder, his heir are donating to the city the bronze relief of the Oltrarno, with its outstanding architectural characteristics, recalling even the bridges over the Arno. In this way, the dialogue begun with the city in 2006 in Piazza della Repubblica continues. That was the year the one in the historic city centre was installed amidst all the monumental buildings. Laura Patricia Jovenitti  gave preference, to the model prepared by the students of the Porta Romana State Art Institute under the guidance of their talented teacher Carlo Fagnini, and was created by the Fonderia Antonio Ciulli e Figlio with engravings in Braille for the visually impaired.  

Kiwanis Project

In scale high-relief bronze of the historic center of Florence realized in 2006. Placed in Florence in Piazza della Repubblica