Company Profile

The company “Antonio Ciulli e Figlio” (Antonio Ciulli & Son) started out in Florence in 1902 as a craftsman’s workshop; in over 100 years of activity it has changed and grown to become a company nationally and internationally renowned, never forgetting the production rules and criteria so typical of the Florentine artistic craftsmanship.

Today the company has 2 different brands:  "Ciulli 1902", for interior lighting, home and complementary furnishings, and "Calydia" for bathroom accessories. Customers can choose among our wide range of products, all of them with a high-level classic style.

In over a century we have been able to renew our production keeping a close watch on market trends. Our items are all manufactured in Italy and are compliant with national and international standards (CE and Gost-r).

Thanks to our complete handcraft production, we can change what is shown in our catalogue, and also create customized solutions and articles based on the client’s requirements to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.


The craftsman’s workshop “Antonio Ciulli e Figlio” was established and named by its founder, Antonio Ciulli, in the artisan quarter of Florence over 100 years ago.

Since then and for 3 generations, the Ciulli family has been carrying out the foundryman’s craft with a thorough know-how acquired only by the daily practice of this handicraft work, allowing artistic invention, creation and art to show itself.

The first items made by the foundry were bronzes, jewelry and tableware of small and medium size.

In the 40s and 50s “Antonio Ciulli e Figlio” made also its first creations for historical movie sets (Barabbas, War and Peace, El Cid, etc.); the collaboration with the movie industry went on throughout the 90s.

In the 60s and 70s, during the economic boom, the demand for complementary furnishings and bigger and higher-level interior lightings increased, and together with it the production of a wide range of accessories that today are such an important part of the company's offer.

During the 80s “Antonio Ciulli e Figlio” established itself in the Italian market, while in the 90s its internationalization efforts helped it to make its mark at international level, mainly in the Middle East and Europe.

The years 2000 consolidated its presence on the high-level international market with the implementation of several customized items and prestigious furnishings, both private and public. In 2002 “Antonio Ciulli e Figlio” celebrated its 100th anniversary, proving the strength and professionalism of its activity in the course of a century